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ZOM.03.MT45L3 Zoom Stereo Trinocular with Dual LED light Pole Stand 0.7-4.5x
Description and Notes

ZOM.03.MB45L3 Stereo Microscope Binocular with Dual LED Pole Stand
Key Features:
--7X-45X super widefield zoom magnification power
--Sharp clear stereo images, large field view and long Working Distance
--Sturdy pillar stand with both incident and transmitted LED lights

Name of Parts
ZOM.03.MB45L3 Stereo Microscope with Dual LED Pole Stand
Head Binocular Head, 360°Rotatable, 45° inclined, ±5 Diopter Adjustable, Interpupillary Adjustment 54-75mm
Eyepiece WF10X/FN20 High Eyepiont Eyepiece
Zoom Range 0.7X-4.5X
Zoom Raito 1: 6.5
Total Magnification Standard Mag.45x ; 3.5X-180X (with Optional auxliliary objective)
Field of View 1.1mm-57.1mm(with auxiliary lens)
Working Distance Standard : 100mm
Dual LED Light Stand

--Post Height 280mm
--Focusing Range 110mm,
-- Base Dimension:290*303*47mm
--UP & Bottom High Brightness LED ,Separatly Controlled
--Glass plate:95mm diameter

Optics Parameter
Eyepiece Standard Specification Auxiliary Objective 0.5X Auxiliary Objective 1.5X Auxiliary Objective
WD= 100mm WD= 165mm WD= 45mm WD= 30mm
Mag View field Mag View field Mag View field Mag View field
10X/20mm 7.0X 28.6mm 3.5X 57.1mm 10.5X 19mm 14X 14.3mm
  45.0X 4.4mm 22.5X 8.9mm 67.5X 3mm 90X 2.2mm
15X/15mm 10.5X 21.1mm 5.25X 42.8mm 15.75X 14.3mm 21X 10.7mm
  67.5X 3.3mm 33.75X 6.7mm 101.25X 2.2mm 135X 1.7mm
20X/10mm 14.0X 14.3mm 7.0X 28.6mm 21.0X 9.5mm 28X 7.1mm
  90.0X 2.2mm 45.0X 4.4mm 135.0X 1.5mm 180X 1.1mm
Optinonal Accessory
Name of Parts
Order No.
Eyepieces WF10X. EYE.03.10X20
WF15X EYE.03.15X/15
WF20X EYE.03.20X/12
Objective 0.5X/ WD=165mm OBJ.03.ZM0.5
0.75x/ WD=105mm OBJ.03.ZM0.75
1.5X0/ WD=45mm OBJ.03.ZM1.5
2X/ WD=30mm OBJ.03.ZM2.0
CCD adapter 1X ADA.03.ZM1X
0.5X ADA.03.ZM0.5X
Optional Light Addiontal Light source, please click here
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