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DUS.50.WF500 Wireless Digital Microscope 50x-500x
Description and Notes

This model break the limitation of distance,it works within 10 meter's range without any wire!
It is a perfect match with IOS mobile device and android device. It can be easily used in different fields including:

1.Textile industrial for textile inspection
2.Printing inspection
3.Industrial inspection:PCB,Pricision machinery
4.Educational Purpose
5.Hair Examination
6.Skin Examination
7.Microbiological Obervation
9.Visual Assistance

Standard Set Specification
DUS.50.WF500 Wireless Digital Microscope 50x-500x
Sensor High-performance light-sensitive chip foreign imports
Master chip
Imports master chip DSP
Magnification 50X ~ 500X
Photo / video Applications built
light source 8 white LED lights
Static resolution: 640 * 480, according to their request to do zoom in and out processing ( 720P, 1080P resolution can be customized OEM )
Imaging Distance manually adjustable 0 ~ 40mm, other distances can be customized OEM
Video Resolution 640 * 480, according to their request to do zoom in and out processing
Fixed base Special base
Optical disk Includes application software and detailed instructions
Support System: IOS-based systems and Andriod Tablet PC and mobile phone systems
Power supply Built-in 1000mA lithium battery self-protection; Support Power adapter 5V 1A power supply; upport for mobile power supply
Applications Wireless Microscope.apk ( Andriod System ) NetcamViewer ( IOS System )
Dynamic frames QVGA 30f/s Under 600 LUX Brightness VGA 28 f/s Under 600 LUX Brightness
Illumination range 0 ~ 30000LUX adjustable wire
Hardware Requirements IOS system, tablet and mobile phone ( such as IPad and IPhone , IPod ), Andriod tablet and mobile phone systems
Cache 512 MB
Supported languages English, Chinese (other languages need to customize)
Color Blue
Body size 140mm (L) * 36.8mm (R)
Net Weight Appox: 100g

User Manual DUS.50.WF500 Wireless Digital Microscope User Manual