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LGT.47.150W Cold Light Source 150W
Description and Notes

LGT.47.150W Cold Light Source 150W
Features:Using switching power supply, lower power consumption, higher luminous efficiency. Without heavy frequency transformer, small size, light weight. Wide range of voltage, output voltage stability. Slow start design, protecting lamp and mainboard. Self-power protection, avoid accident. Excellent thermal design, lower light temperature. Analogy control optional, for assembly line work.

LGT.47.150W Cold Light Source 150W
Powerconsumption: 150W
Bulb: Philips 21V/150W EKE halogen lamp
Bulb working life: 200Hours
Voltage input: AC230V/110V±15% 50/60Hz
Voltage output: DC3V~DC21V±10%
Electric current: 9A(max)
Internal fuse: T5AL250V low breaking capacity glass tube fuse(with delay)
Breaking capacity: 1750VAC/5MA/oneminute without breaking
Display index: 85
Colour temperature: 3,100k~4,200k(options)
Illumination output: >120,000lux
Dimension: 215(L)*90(W)*127(H)mm
Net Weight: 2.0 kg