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VID.05.H650 High Resolution Industry Video Microscope0.6-5x
Description and Notes

VID.05.H650 Series Industry Video momo micrscope
1.High-resolution and high definition.
3.Available to observe diffrernt objects by using LED coaxial illumination or fiber optic illumination.
4.Wildly used in electric equipments,semi-conductor ,LCD,LED and ect.for digital image observation,inspection and measurement.
5. Mounting size for focusing mount (holder) Dia 45mm
6. Max compatible camera 1/2
7. It can connect with Nikon, Olympus, Mitsutoyo standard screw thread infinity metallographical lens.

VID.05.H650 Basic Main body Specification
Zoom range 0.6X~5.0X
Zoom Ratio 1:8.3
Zoom Body Diameter Body Diameter for matching focusing mount: 45mm
Standard Workding Distance 86mm(1X objective in Standard Specification)
Standard CS-mount the distance between the bearing surface and CCD plate is 12.5mm
Order Guide
Order No. Specification
VID.05.H650 Basic Main Body (with 1X Fine Focusing Cmount and 1x Objective)
VID.05.H650D Basic Main Body with Clip Stop Function
VID.05.H650C Basic Main Body(VID.05.H650)+Coaxial light Kits(VID.05.H650-CK)
VID.05.H650C-D10F Basic Main Body(VID.05.H650)+Coaxial light Kits(VID.05.H650-CK)+Big base stand with C/F Focusing
VID.05.H650C-PK1 This Package Include:
VID.05.H650C-D10: Coaxial Main Boday with D10 Stand
LGT.06.150A-IS :150W Cold Light Source with Single Fiber
OBJ.32.APO2X: 2x Aproachromatic Plan Objective
Camera is Optional, you can choose VGA, HDMI,CMOS,
CCD Camera accoding to your requirements
Optional Accessory
Name of Parts
Order No.
Objectives 0.3x WD=270mm OBJ.05.H650-0.3X
0.5x WD=160mm OBJ.05.H650-0.5X
0.6x WD=130mm OBJ.05.H650-0.6X
1x WD=86mm OBJ.05..H650-1X
1.5x WD=50mm OBJ.05..H650-1.5X
2x WD=39mm OBJ.05..H650-2X
CCD Adapter 0.3x ADA.05.H650-C03
0.4x ADA.05.H650-C04
0.5x ADA.05.H650-C05
0.67x ADA.05.H650-C067
1.0x ADA.05.H650-C1X
2.0x ADA.05.H650-C2X
3.0x ADA.05.H650-C3X
SLR Digital Camera Adapter Nikon SLR Digital Adapter ADA.05.NKSLR
Canon EOS Digital Adapter ADA.05.CAEOS
Special LED Ring Light

3W LED Ring Light only for Video Microscope
--3W, Brightness Adjustable
--Dia: 25mm for mounting on videscope
--46pcs LED numbers


This LED Ring Light only for Video Microscope
--4.5W, Brightness Adjustable
--Dia: 50mm for mounting on videscope
--96pcs LED numbers

Coaxial Kits This Coaxial Kit is attachable to VID.05.H650 VID.05.H650-CK
LED Spot Light 3W High Brightness LED Spot Light , Brightness Adjustable, Inserting Diameter: 11mm, (if you need speical diamter, please specify when order) LGT.05.L3W

Polarizing Kits

When you order Polarizing Kits, don't need to order coaxial kits (VID.05.H650) extra. LGT.05.H650-PL
Objetive Fine Focusing Adapter This Adapter can make objetive fine focus adjustment ADA.05.H650-FA
3D Kits 2D-3D Kits FCA.05.H650-3D
DIC Kits DIC Slider FCA.05.H650-DIC
Recommended Stand and Focusing Mount Big Base Stand with F11 Coarse Focusing Mount STD.05.D10-F11
Big Base Stand with F10 Fine & Coarse Focusing Mount STD.05.D10-F10
Focusing Mount: Dia 45mm for holder, Dia 25 for Pole STD.05.F11
Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing Mount: Dia 45mm for holder, Dia 25 for Pole STD.05.F10
Other Stands Please click here for different stand.
Note: when order stand, please clarify if for video scope
Other Light source Please click here for different Light source
VGA Cameras Please click here for different VGA Cameras
USB CMOS Cameras Please click here for different USB CMOS Cameras
USB CCD Cameras Please click here for different USB CCD Cameras
PAD Cameras Please click here for different PAD Cameras
Optical Parameter
Auxiliary lens   CCD Adapter
0.3X 0.4X 0.5X 0.75x 1X 1.5X 2.0X 3X
1.0X /WD:86mm Mag. 0.18X~1.5X 0.24X~2.0X 0.3X~2.5X 0.45X~3.75X 0.6X~5.0X 0.9X~7.5X 1.2X~10.0X 1.8X~15X
FOV(mm) mm 26X20~3X2 20X15~2X1.8 16X12~1.9X1.4 11X8~1.3X0.9 8X6~0.9X0.7 5X4~0.6X0.5 4X3~0.5X0.36 2.6X2~0.3X0.2
0.3X /WD:270mm Mag. 0.05X~0.45X 0.07X~0.6X 0.09X~0.75X 0.14X~1.13X 0.18X~1.5X 0.27X~2.25X 0.36X~3X 0.54X~4.5X
FOV(mm) mm 96x72~10.6X8 68X51~8X6 53X40~6.4X4.8 34X26~4X3.1 26X20~3.2X2.4 18X13~2X1.6 13X10~1.6X1.2 9X6.6~1.1X0.8
0.5X/ WD:160mm Mag. 0.09X~0.75X 0.12X~1X 0.15X~1.25X 0.225X~1.875X 0.3X~2.5X 0.45X~3.75X 0.6X~5X 0.9X~7.5X
FOV(mm) mm 53X40~6.4X4.8 40X30~4.8X3.6 32X24~3.8X2.8 21X16~2.6X1.9 16X12~1.9X1.4 11X8~1.3X0.9 8X6~0.9X0.7 5X4~0.6X0.5
0.6X /WD:130mm Mag. 0.22X~0.9X 0.144X~1.2X 0.18X~1.5X 0.27X~2.25X 0.36X~3X 0.54X~4.5X 0.72X~6X 1.08X~9X
FOV(mm) mm 22X16~5.3 X4 33X25~4X3 26X20~3X2 18X13~2X1.6 13X10~1.6X1.2 9X6.6~1.1X0.8 6.6X51~0.8X0.6 4.4X3~0.5X0.4
1.5X /WD:50mm Mag. 0.27X~2.25X 0.36X~3X 0.45X~3.75X 0.675X~5.625X 0.9X~7.5X 1.35X~11.25X 1.8X~15X 2.7X~22.5X
FOV(mm) mm 18X13~2X1.6 13X10~1.6X1.2 11X8~1.3X0.9 7X5.3~0.89X0.6 5X4~0.6X0.5 3.5X2.6~0.4X0.3 2.6X2~0.3X0.24 1.7X1.3~0.2X0.1
2.0X/ WD:39mm Mag. 0.36X~3X 0.48X~4X 0.6X~5.0X 0.9X~7.5X 1.2X~10X 1.8X~15X 2.4X~20X 3.6X~30X
FOV(mm) mm 13X10~1.6X1.2 10X7.5~1.2X0.9 8X6~0.9X0.7 5X4~0.6X0.5 4X3~0.5X0.36 2.6X2~0.3X0.2 2X1.5~0.2X0.18 1.3X1~0.16X0.12
Main Body Zoom Rrange: 0.6X~5.0X