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LGT.19.L8 8W UV Free ESD Safe LED Ring Lamp
Description and Notes
LGT.19.L8 High Brightness UV Free 8W Ring LED Lamp
- UV Free
- ESD safe
- 8-points high quality LED light
- 1 watt per bulb
- Adjustable/dimming control
- Build in optimum angle for even distribution of light
- Optional polarizer available to eliminate glare
- Long life LED bulbs

Main Functions ESD safe,UV free
LED number 8 pieces High Brightness LED bulbs
Max Power 8W, 1watt per bulb
Max.Opening for Connecting Microscope 62mm
Luminace(lux) Appro. 1800LUX
Ra ≥90%
Working distance 80mm-130mm(optional)
Brightness Adjustable
Color temperature 6000-7000K (cool white light)
Input Voltage 95-265VAC
Output Voltage 30VDC
Order Guide
Order No.
Name of Goods
LGT.19.L8 High Brightnees UV Free 8W Ring LED Lamp
LGT.19.PL8 Polarizing Kits
LGT.19.L8+LGT.19.PL8 High Brightnees UV Free Ring LED Lamp+Polarizing Kits