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FLU.06.800F Fluorescent Trinocular
Description and Notes

--Excellent fluorescent image with high resolution fluorescent objectives.
--Protect the light leak with advanced lamp housing.
--Widely used in venereal disease examination and immuneless diagnosis.

FLU.06.800F Fluorescent Trinocular Microscope
Optical System Infinite Optical System
Viewing Head Compensation Free Trinocular Head Inclined at 30°,Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm
Eyepiece Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/22
Nosepiece Backward Quintuple Nosepiece
Objective Objective Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective
Infinite Plan Fluorescent Objective
Condenser Swing Condenser NA 0.9/ 0.25
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Fine Division 0.001mm
Stage Double Layers Mechanical Stage 185×142/ 75×55 mm
Digital Adapter Canon EOS Digital Adapter
Video Adapter 1x CCD adapter
Kohler Illumination External Illumination, Aspherical Collector, Halogen Lamp6V/ 30W
Reflected Light Source Excitation Dichroic Mirror Barrier Filter
Blue excitation BP460~490 DM500 BA520
Blue one excitation BP460~495 DM505 BA510-550
Green excitation BP510~550 DM570 BA590
Ultraviolet excitation BP330~385 DM400 BA420
Violet excitation BP400~410 DM455 BA455
Lamp 100W HBO Ultra Hi-voltage Spherical Mercury Lamp
Protection barrier Barrier to Resist the Ultraviolet Light
Power Supplier Power Supplier NFP-1, 220V/ 110V interchangeable , Digital Display
Immersion Oil Fluorescent Free Oil
Neutral Filter Neutral ND25/ ND6 Filter
Centering Target Centering Target
Note: ●=Standard Outfit, O =Optional