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ZOM.20.B645TC ZOOM Binocular 0.8-5.0x
Description and Notes
This Stereo Zoom Microscope features good performance and high quality. It is ideal for schools, scientific research institutes and industrial field. it can offer a high resolution images with large depth of field. The horizontal dual zoom knobs with detents are more flexible and comfortable
Head Binocular head
Eyepiece WF10X/22 with Diopter Adjustable +-5
Zoom Range 0.8X-5X
Zoom Ratio 1: 6.3
Field of View 1.3mm-55mm (with auxiliary lens)
Working Distance Standard 115mm, 43.5mm-211mm (with auxiliary lens)
Total Magnification 4X-200X (with auxiliary lens)
Track Stand Dimensions of Base12.8"H x 9.3"W x 11.2"L
Focus Mount/E-Arm76mm Standard
Lowest Travel Distance from Base to E-arm6"
Highest Travel Distance from Base to E-arm 10"
Light source No Light Source
Optic Parameter
Auxiliary Lens Eyepieces
10X 15X 20X
0.5X Mag.:
FOV: (mm)
WD: (mm)
4X - 25X
55 - 8.8
6X - 37.5X
40 - 6.4
5X - 50X
31.2 - 5.0
1X(Built-in body) Mag.:
FOV: (mm)
WD: (mm)
8X - 50X
27.5 - 4.4
12X - 75X
20- 3.2
16X - 100X
15.6 - 2.5
2X Mag.:
FOV: (mm)
WD: (mm)
16X - 100X
13.8 - 2.2
24X - 150X
10 - 1.6
32X - 200X
7.8 - 1.3
Optional Accessory
Name of Parts Order No.
Eyepiece WF15x/16 EYE.20.15XFN16
WF20x/12.5 EYE.20.20XFN12.5
Objective 0.5x WD=211mm OBJ.20X.645S0.5X
2x WD=43.5mm OBJ.20.645S2X
Pole stand Total Weight8 lbs
Dimensions of Base:12.8"H x 9.3"W x 11.2"L
E-Arm/Focus Mount:76mm Standard
E-Arm Focusing Vertical Travel:± 1"
Lowest Travel Distance from Base to E-arm: 3.75"
Highest Travel Distance from Base to E-arm:11.25"