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ZOM.05.S655T ZOOM Trinocular 0.6-5.5x
Description and Notes
ZOM.05.S655T Trinocular Zoom Stereo zoom optical system: 0.6x-5.5x Both have big zoom ratio, magnification from low to high non-flash in focusing course, large depth of field, long working distance, can be used in demands of checking up, measure and analysis in modern biology, medicine, environment, agriculture and forestry, chemistry industry, police, micro-electronics, semiconductors etc. fields. It is widely used in schools, biology engineering and science research, industry assemble, test and measure and controlling the quality.

--Zoom magnification 6x-55x, or 8x-70x, extend total magnification: 3x-330x,
--Zoom objective magnification 0.6x-5.5x working distance 108mm.
--High eye point and wide field eyepiece SWH10X(Φ23mm)
--Binocular/ Trinocular head inclined 45°, rotatable 360°, diopter adjustable ±6
--Head interpupillary distance of head adjustable from 52mm to 76mm
Model ZOM.05.S655T Trinocular Zoom Stereo
Total Magnification 6x-55x(standard), extend total magnification: 3x-330x
Head Trinocular
Eyepiece High eye point and wide field eyepiece SWH10x/Φ23mm
Zoom Objective 0.6x-5.5x, working distance 108mm
Main Body The measurement to match between support and main body: 76mm
Stand Pole stand, without light source
--Focusing range 100mm, the diameter of the center working stage is Φ95mm
--The distance from the post center to the main body center is 140mm
--The size of the round post is Φ25mm
Optical Parameter
Eyepiece Objective Main Body 0.5x 0.7x 1.5x 2.0x
0.6x-5.5x 0.3x-2.75x 0.42x-3.85x 0.9x-8.25x 1.2x-1x
5x Total Magnification 3x-27.5x 1.5x-13.75x 2.1x-19.25x 4.5x-41.25x 6x-55x
FOV (mm)
Φ36.7-Φ4 Φ73.3-Φ8 Φ52.4-Φ5.7 Φ24.4-Φ2.7 Φ18.3-Φ2
10x Total Magnification 6x-55x 3x-27.5x 4.2x38.5x 9x-82.5x 12x-110x
FOV (mm) Φ38.3-Φ4.2 Φ76.7-Φ8.4 Φ54.8-Φ6 Φ25.6-Φ2.8 Φ19.2-Φ2.1
15x Total Magnification 9x-82.5x 4.5x-41.25x 6.3x-57.75x 13.5x-123.75x 18x-165x
FOV (mm)
Φ28.3-Φ3.1 Φ56.7-Φ6.2 Φ40.5-Φ4.4 Φ18.9-Φ2.1 Φ14.2-Φ1.5
20x Total Magnification 12x-110x 6x055x 8.4x-77x 18x-165x 24x-220x
FOV (mm) Φ23.3-Φ2.5 Φ46.7-Φ5.1 Φ33.3-Φ3.6 Φ15.6-Φ1.7 Φ11.7-Φ1.3
Total Magnification 18x-165x 9x-82.5x 12.6x-115.5x 27x-247.5x 36x330x
FOV (mm)
Φ15-Φ1.6 Φ30-Φ3.3 Φ21.4-Φ2.3 Φ10-Φ1.1 Φ0.75-Φ0.8
Working Distance(mm) 108 195 145 50 35
Optional Accessory
Eyepiece WF15x/17mm
WF10x with micrometer 0.1mm
Auxiliary Objectives 0.5x, W.D.195mm
0.7x, W.D.145mm
1.5x, W.D.58mm
2.0x, W.D.35mm
CCD Adapter C0.5, CCD adapter 0.5x
C1.0, CCD adapter 1.0x
DT01, digital camera adapter
PT01, photo adapter
CDM1.0, CCD adatper 1.0x with micrometer
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