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MTL.24.01 Portable Metallurgical Microscope
Description and Notes
This is an ideal portable metallurgical scope for industry inspection
MTL. 24.01 Portable Metallurgical Microsscope
WF10X/FN18, Dia 23.2
LWD Plan Objective
(no cover glass)
PLL 50X/0.65 WD=0.5mm
Adapter C-mount adapter (for connecting C-mount cameras)
Mechanical Tube Length
Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, range:36mm
Polarizing Kits Polarizer and Analyzer
Light Source Coaxial illumination, build-in LED rechargeable, brightness adjustable
Packing info Portable aluminium case
Optional Accessory
Parts Name Spec
Order No.
50 Types Metal Specimen for Option
( MOQ 25pcs for one set)
Magnetic stage, which can be sticked on metal samples, make observation easier
Digital Adapter
2.5X Camera Adapter for Canon EF Camera
2.5X Camera Adapter for Nikon F DSLR Camera
LWD Plan Objective
( Non-cover glass)
PL5 WD=18.3mm
PLL20 WD=8.6mm
PLL40 WD=3.73mm OBJ.24.PLL40
PLL60 WD=1.34mm
PLL80 WD=0.96mm
PLL100 WD=0.4mm
LWD Plan Objective
Non-cover glass
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