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STD.30.P1LED Dual LED Long Post Stand
Description and Notes

STD.30.P1-LED Dual LED Long Post Stand
Post Stand. Dia.76mm Scope Holder. vertical Post Height: 385mm. Vertical Post 3 Pins.
Diameter: Dia.32mm.Base Dimensions: 240x285x30mm.Focus Distance: 50mm .
Clear Glass Plate.Plate Size: Dia.140x6mm.Illumination Type: LED Duallluminated
Light . Top llumination: Oblique Top Light. Input Voltage: AC 90-260V47-63Hz.

Model STD.30.P1-LED
Holder Adapter Type Dia. 76mm Scope Holder
Vertical Post Height 385mm
Vertical Post Diameter Dia. 32mm
Base Dimensions 240×285x30mm
Focus Mode Manual
Coarse/Fine Focus Type Coarse Focus
Focus Distance 50mm
Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation 22mm
Focusing Knob Tightness Adjustable Tightness Adjustable
Center Distance from Hole to Scope Holder 170mm
Illumination Type LED Dual Illuminated Light
Top Illumination Oblique Top Light
Top Illlumination Type LED
Bottom lllumination Type LED
Input Voltage AC 90-260V 47-63Hz
Power Cable Length 1.8m
Surface Treatment Spray Paint
Material Metal
Net weight 3.05kg (6.72lbs)
Dimensions 240x285x425mm (9.449x11.22x16.732 in.)
Microscope Plate 140x6mm Clear Glass Plate