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LCD.06.S1 Economical LCD Digital Student Microscope
Description and Notes

LCD.06.S1 Economical LCD Digital Student Microscope
The LCD.06.S1 biological microscopes is upgraded to integrate optical imaging, digital image acquisitionand data transmission.And a new generation of digital microscope is introduced.Retained LCD.06.S1 microscope excellent optical imaging system and ergonomic design, imaging bright reduction high,comfortable to use.And this is a further optimization of the human-computer relationship, high-eye backward LED screen changed the traditional microscope observation, more convenient and easy, more suitable forlong-term microscope workers and popular science education of children and adolescents.

LCD.06.S1 Economical LCD Digital Student Microscope
7-inch IPS full-view screen, size 1024 x 600mm;-Triple Nosepiece;
-185 achromatic objective 4x、10x 、40x;
-Plain Stage with slide Clips 95x95mm-Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment;-NA 0.65 condenser;
-Plain Stage with slide Clips 95x95mm
-Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment;
-NA 0.65 condenser
-up and down LED illumination, brightness adjustable;
Powerful Digital lmage Acquisition Equipment
lmage Sensor Built-in 5MP Color CMOs
Size 5,346(H) um x 3,003(V) um
Pixel 2.75(H) um x 2.75(v) um
Resolution 1920 x1080
Various ports to meet different style of data transmission
A USB external interface
Providing HDMl high-definition interfaces
Built-in SD card interface to facilitate data presentation.