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STD.03.G20 Jewelry Inspection Stand with Dark Field Light
Description and Notes

STD.03.G20 Jewelry Inspection Stand with Dark Field Light

STD.03.G20 Jewelry Inspection Stand with Dark Field Light
Holder Adapter Type Dia. 76mm Scope Holder
Track Length 250mm
Base Type llumination Base
Stand Throat Depth 129mm
Base Dimensions 310x2 50x70mm
Base Rotatable 360° Degree Rotatable
Inclination on Vertical Direction 0-45°
Microscope Handle Yes
Focus Mode Manual
Focus Distance 110mm
Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation 21mm
Focusing Knob Tightness Adjustable Tightness Adjustable
llumination Type FH Dual lluminated Light
Top llumination Oblique Top Light
Top llumination Type Fluorescent Light
Bottom llumination Bright/Dark Field
Bottom llumination Type Halogen Light
Aperture Diaphragm Aperture Diaphragm Adjustable
Aperture Diaphragm Mounting Position Vertical lluminator
Field Diaphragm Outer Diameter Dia.70mm
Output Power 30W
Input Voltage AC 110-220V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage DC 6V
Power Cord Connector Type USA 3 Pins
Power Cable L ength 1.8m
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Material Metal .
Color Black
Net Weight 6.80kg (14.99lbs)
Dimensions 31 0x250x390mm (12.205x9 .843x15.354 in.)
Jewel Tweezers
Jewel Tweezers Type Steel Wire Clamp
Jewel Tweezers Mounting Thread Size Dia.6mm
Surface Treatment Polished Chrome
Material Metal .
Color Silver
Net Weight 0.026kg (0.057lbs)
Screw Model M6x6mm
Fluorescence Bulb
7W Fluorescent Bulb
Bulb Rated Power 7W
Bulb Shape U Shape
Material Glass
3.5A Fuse
Fusing Current 3.1 5A/250V
Fuse Type Glass Tube Fuse (Fast Acting)
Fuse Size 5x20
Fuse Standard GB
Material Glass
Color Silver
Net Weight 0.002kg (0.004lbs)