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OBJ.43.LSAPO M Plan APO Objective
Description and Notes

High Quality 95mm Plan APO Metallurgical Objective
Main Features:
1. High performance price ratio.
2. Infinity optical system, the industry objectives of Nikon L300/L200/LV150/MM40L3U/MM400/MM800, OLYMPUS MX61/ MX61/BX51/BX61,Mitutoyo MF-A/MF-US/FS70,Union Hisomet and etc. is compatible.
3. This Objectives can Used For Visible Light Imaging System and Non-visible Light Imaging System .
Specifications :
1. Infinitive Optical System, Tube Lens Focal Length 200mm
2. Parfocal Distance 95mm
3. Objective Screw M26X0.705

Order No Model No. Specification
N002007 MPLSAPO2X N.A0.06/WD35/D.O.F± Δ(μm)110/FN26.5
N002028 MPLSAPO5X N.A0.15/WD45/D.O.F± Δ(μm)20/FN26.5
N002027 MPLSAPO10X N.A0.30/WD35/D.O.F± Δ(μm)4/FN26.5
N002026 MPLSAPO20X N.A0.45/WD21/D.O.F± Δ(μm)2/FN26.5
N002041 LMPLSAPO20X N.A0.30/WD31/D.O.F± Δ(μm)4/FN26.5
N002025 MPLSAPO50X N.A0.75/WD12/D.O.F± Δ(μm)0.8/FN26.5
N002042 LMPLSAPO50X N.A0.55/WD22/D.O.F± Δ(μm)1.6FN26.5
N001016 MPLSAPO100X N.A0.80/WD6/D.O.F± Δ(μm)0.6/FN26.5
NIR APO Metallurgical Objective
N000502 MPLSAPO2XNIR N.A0.06/WD35/D.O.F± Δ(μm)110/FN26.5
N001503 MPLSAPO5XNIR N.A0.15/WD45/D.O.F± Δ(μm)20/FN26.5
N002043 MPLSAPO10XNIR N.A0.30/WD35/D.O.F± Δ(μm)4/FN26.5
N002044 MPLSAPO20XNIR N.A0.45/WD21/D.O.F± Δ(μm)2/FN26.5
N002045 MPLSAPO50XNIR N.A0.75/WD12/D.O.F± Δ(μm)0.8/FN26.5
N000503 MPLSAPO100XNIR N.A0.80/WD6/D.O.F± Δ(μm)0.6/FN26.5