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STD.41.ST25 XY Measurement Working Stage
Description and Notes
STD.41.ST25 XY Measurement Stage
The XY measurement stage refers to the stage with a measuring mechanism in the xY horizontal direction, and it requires that the stage has relatively high accuracy. The stage not only has a flatness requirement on the surface, but also needs to ensure that in measurement the XY plane is always in a horizontal position during the movement.

For the XY measurement stage, especially when observing and measuring the observed object beyond the field of view, the stage can be moved, and reading can be carried out through an externally attached measurement device to measure accurately large sized objects.
Mounting Holes Position 140x70mm
Mounting Hole Dimensions M4
XY Stage Travel Distance 2x2 inch (50x50mm)
XY-Axis Drive Mode Manual
Stage Platform Dimensions 152x152mm
Stage Height 44mm
Stage Backlight Window Size 82x40mm
XY-Axis Measurement Mode Micrometer
Micrometer Head Mount Size Dia. 18mm
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Electroplating Black Material
Material Metal