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VID.05.3DM Manual 3D Video Microscope 0.3-2.2x
Description and Notes
VID.05.3DM Manual 3D Video Microscope
Main Features:
 --Total magnification: 7X to150X under standard configuration that use 17” LCD and 300X using 2X objective lens.
--Zoom Range: 0.3 to 2.2 X
--Zoom Ratio: 1:7
--3D Viewer: 36 viewing angle and can 360 degree Rotatable
--Scope body for Mounting Diam: 50mm, if you need to fix on 76mm Focusing Mount, Just need to add a ring adapter
Optical Specification
Objective lens 0.5X(not for 3D Kit) 1X 2X(not for 3D Kit)
N.A. 0.0058−0.041 0.012−0.08 0.014−0.1
Res.(lp/mm) 17.3-122 35.8-238 41-298
MAG. 0.16X-1.13X 0.32X-2.27X 0.65X-4.55X
D.O.F.(mm) 16.3-0.33 6-0.086 2.8-0.055
W.D.(mm) 190 95 45.6
F.O.V.(mm) 1/2″ 50-7 25-3.5 12.3-1.8
Order Guide
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Main Zoom Body Zoom range 0.3-2.2.
Body Diameter for fixing on focusing mount: 50mm
1X Aux lens WD:95MM
0.5X Aux lens WD:190MM
Note: when use 3D Kits, 1x cannot be used
2X Aux Lens WD:45.6mm,
Note: when use 3D Kits, 2x cannot be used
3D Rotary Viewer 36 viewing angle ,and 360degree rotatable
50/76 Ring Adapter Suitable for 76mm Focusing Mount