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ZOM.05.S880B-D2L Zoom Stereo 0.8-8x with Dual LED light stand
Description and Notes
ZOM.05.S880B-D2L Binocular Zoom Stereo with Dual LED Pole Stand
◆ Parallel optical system, zoom body magnification range: 0.8X~8X
◆ Non-flash in focus course while from high to low magnification, large depth of field, long working distance, available to attach various accessories
◆ Widely used in science research, modern biology, medicine,environment, farming, police, microelectronics, semiconductors and etc which require high precision
ZOM.05.S880B-D2L Binocular Zoom Stereo with Dual LED Pole Stand
Binocular Inclined Inclined 45°
Diopter adjustment range ±6 Diopter
Eyepiece WF10X/22, High eye point and wide Field
Zoom Range Parallel optical system, 0.8X~8X
Magnification Standard total magnification: 8X~80X, the max. magnification: 360X.
Objective 1X Plan objective
Working Distance 91mm
Interpupillary distance adjustment range (10X eyepiece) 52mm~76mm
Top and Bottom LED Pole Stand
STD.05.D2L Top and Bottom LED Pole Stand
·In holder with adjusting angles and lighteness, the reflected illumination of white 3W LED.
·In stands with the transmitted illumination of white 3W LED.
·The up and down illuminators can use singly or synchronously.
·The input voltage of wide range: AC90V~260V 50/60Hz
·The diameter of the round post is Φ25mm, the height is 240mm.
·The range of holders adjusting focus is 50mm.
·The measurement to match between the support and the main body is Φ45mm.
·The diameter of the center working stage is Φ95mm. Match with a black-white workbench and a transparent glass workbench
Optional Accessory
Specification of different auxiliary objective
0.5X 0.7X 1X 1.5X
10X Total Mag. 4X~40X 5.6X~56X 8X~80X 12X~120X
FOV(mm) Φ55~Φ5.5 Φ39.3~Φ3.93 Φ27.5~Φ2.75 Φ18.33~Φ1.83
15X Total Mag. 6X~60X 8.4X~84X 12X~120X 18X~180X
FOV(mm) Φ42.5~Φ4.25 Φ30.36~Φ3.04 Φ21.25~Φ2.13 Φ14.17~Φ1.42
20X Total Mag. 8X~80X 11.2X~112X 16X~160X 24X~240X
FOV(mm) Φ35~Φ3.5 Φ25~Φ2.5 Φ17.5~Φ1.75 Φ11.67~Φ1.17
30X Total Mag. 12X~120X 16.8X~168X 24X~240X 36X~360X
FOV(mm) Φ22.5~Φ2.25 Φ16.1~Φ1.61 Φ11.25~Φ1.13 Φ7.5~Φ0.75
WD(mm 186 135 91 40
1. Please use 1X plane objective together when using 1.5X auxiliary objective.
2. When 0.5X or lower magnification auxiliary objective applied, track stands can not be used.