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LGT.43.FL-LED LED Fluorescence Module for Zeiss/Nikon/Leica/Olympus
Description and Notes

LGT.43.FL-LED LED Fluorescence Module for Nikon/Leica/Olympus

Order No.
Suitable for Model
LGT.43.FL-LED-B-Olympus For Olympus Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-B-Nikon For Nikon Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-B-Leica For Leica Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-G-Olympus For Olympus Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-G-Nikon For Nikon Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-G-Leica For Leica Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-UV-Olympus For Olympus Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-UV-Nikon For Nikon Microscope  
LGT.43.FL-LED-UV-Leica For Leica Microscope  

Note: In order to Avoid any wrong connection.When you order this Beam Splitter, Please tell us your correct microscope Model.