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CPD.12.300T Trinocular Biological Microscope

Description and Notes
CPD.12.300 Laboratory Biological Microcope ,which is good choice for your lab and school!
High Quality Optical System
Modern Appearance Design
Comfortable Ergonomics Design
●Infinity Correct Optical System Supply High Resolution And Perfect Definition
●Aspheric 3W LED Light Source
●Drop-Style Integrated Appearance Design, Looks Elegant
●High Rigidity Body Struction Design Supply High Steady
●Low Position Operation For Convenient Using
● New Cable Holder For Easy Keeping Cable
● Holding Hole On Back For Easy Carrying And Watching

Standard Set Specification
Model No.
Viewing Head
Seidentopf Head, Inclined 30°,Rotatable 360°,Interpupilary Distance: 50-75mm,Diopter Adjustable
Eyepiece WF10x/20mm, High Eyepoint
Nosepiece Quadruple
Objective Infinity E-Plan Achromatic Objective
40x,/0.65 (S),
100x,/1.25 (S,Oil)
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective
40x,/0.65 (S),
100x,/1.25 (S,Oil)
Working Stage Mechanical Stage Size 125*120mm, Travel Range:76*30mm, Scale: 0.1mm
Condenser Abbe Condenser N.A.1.25,With iris Diaphragm
Focusing Coarse Focusing Travel Range: 25mmFine Focusing Travel Range: 2μm / division
Illumination Aspheric Illumination, 3W LED
Attachment Wire Winding Device

Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF10x/20mm High Eyepoint, Reticle 0.1mm
WF10x/20mm High Eyepoint, Reticle 0.1mm, Focus Adjustable
16X/ 9mm (Huygoens)
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 20X/0.40(S)
Working Stage Mechanical Stage Size 145*140mm, Travel Range:76*52mm, Scale: 0.1mm, Double Slide Holder
Dark Field Dark Field Condenser, Dry, N.A.0.9
Polarzing Analyzer & Polarizer
Adapter 1× C-mount (Available for Digital Photography)
0.5× C-mount (Available for Digital Camera,Focus adjustable)
Filter Blue/ Green/ Yellow
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